Emerson Gonzales



CT (Arch)


Architectural Technologist

ft3 Project Highlight:

Elkhorn Resort & Spa Expansion

Emerson Gonzales grew up in the Philippines and worked for ten years in Singapore as an architectural draftsman and designer before moving to Canada. During that time, he developed a deep appreciation for architectural technology, considering it a vital part of the architecture industry.

Since joining the ft3 team as an architectural technologist, Emerson has continued to explore the profession’s role in the design process. He enjoys contributing to construction methods and discovering how those methods impact the environment and the end user’s wellbeing.

While Emerson has previous experience working on projects within residential, commercial and hospitality, he’s now added health and wellness and post-secondary institutions projects to his portfolio at ft3, including the Elkhorn Resort Spa Expansion, Ronald McDonald House of Charity and the St. Boniface Hospital New Emergency Department. Emerson possesses expertise in detailing and assembling building parts, and has worked alongside architects, professional interior designers and landscape architects.