St Boniface Hospital, New Emergency Department

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
Winnipeg, Manitoba
10,500 M2 / 113,500 FT2
ft3 Role
Prime Consultant

In support of the WRHA Clinical Consolidation and to meet the needs of anticipated, increased level of patient visits, ft3 was awarded the contract to lead the new emergency department project for one of Manitoba's largest healthcare facilities. Awarded in 2020, this project began with a site and options analysis of the existing facility (built in 1955) which has undergone small renovations over the intervening decades. ft3, in association with Huddy Healthcare Solutions, is the Functional Programming Consultant and Prime Consultant for this healthcare project.

The St. Boniface Hospital ED project is part of system-wide shifts in Emergency Department planning in Winnipeg under the WRHA Clinical Consolidation initiative; St. Boniface Hospital Emergency Department will be one of three regional departments serving the Winnipeg area. St. Boniface Hospital’s new role as an Intermediate Hub requires planning and implementation of new functional programming recommendations. To focus on patient experience at St. Boniface Hospital Emergency Department by emphasizing best practice solutions based on LEAN operational analysis and the goals established by Shared Health Manitoba and St. Boniface Hospital. The intended design concept aims to facilitate the development of an efficient, functional and safe workplace with the overall objective of improved patient experience and outcomes.