Elkhorn Resort Nordic Spa

Elkhorn Resort
Onanole, Man.
ft3 Role
Landscape Architect and Interior Designer

The Solstice Spa at Elkhorn Resort in the park-like setting of Onanole intends to expand their present spa facilities to allow for up to 30,000 visitors per year, tripling their present volume. To achieve this they will add approximately 24,000 ft2 in outdoor space to allow for guest amenities such as a playground, garden, meditation/relaxation space, and a BBQ area. Additional parking requirements of 50 to 60 stalls will be required to accommodate the increase in spa visitors. ft3 was contracted as the prime consultant (architecture, interior design, and landscape services, all phases) to prepare a feasibility study to determine the viability of this project prior to proceeding with full design services. Building on the success of the Thermea Spa, ft3 has the qualifications and experience to provide excellent service and provide Elkhorn and their guests with a thoughtful and beautifully realized approach to this project.