North West Company

Winnipeg, MB
9,300 m2 / 100,000 ft2
ft3 Role
Office Refresh A/ID Prime Consultant

Known as the Gibraltar house; an iconic landmark within Winnipeg’s downtown. The lofty refresh of the building façade, including four floors of the building interior, define the strength, foundation and history of this majestic fortress. New construction used salvaged materials. Materials removed were donated for reuse. Features of the interior include an overall modernization for both technology and design to support a workplace shift and office culture that has slowly evolved due to newly added program groups, technological advancements and generational disconnects. Columns and ceilings were exposed and where design and function would allow, offices, with reduced footprints, were relocated to the core. Workstation configurations were developed to maximize team collaboration and increase views to natural light; all improving the overall healthy work environment.