ft3 Architecture Landscape Interior Design

Winnipeg, MB
743 m2 / 8,000 ft2
ft3 Role
Office Fit-Up ID Prime Consultant

A notable revamp of our current workplace has recently taken place with outcomes that have resonated well with staff. The goal was to encourage workspace flexibility throughout the day by offering options where staff could pick up and relocate easily cultivating a fun work environment that “fuels the fire” for great ideas to take place. 

Area rugs, large scale pendant lighting, soft seating, a featured moss wall, and storage credenza give the space an inviting boutique feel. Decorative wall panels play double duty, not only creating vibrant backdrops as they delineate space, but also providing sound dampening to the rooms. Linear lighting suspended over the work floor, wrapped in acoustic felt, further accentuate this. 

The workspace is streamlined with a minimalistic feel to open up creative thinking and elevate the positive energy. 

The Strand LEED Gold 2011 Certified