RCMP Cadet Dormitories

Regina, SK
23,022 m2 / 247,806 ft2
ft3 Role
New Build A/LA/ID Prime Consultant

This troop of buildings is tribute to the history of architecture on campus and to the traditions of the RCMP training program. Space planning had to address issues specific to the RCMP (i.e., troop inspection, privacy / gender separation, washroom and shower flexibility, circulation and ritual). Drawing on the social and historical context of the RCMP, the National Cadet Training Academy Dormitories and Campus Entry serves to not only house cadets, but to impart the pride, heritage, and significance of an institution whose history reaches back to Canada’s earliest settlement. Site planning and materials had to be compatible with the heritage and character of the campus and sympathetic to the existing buildings and provide a landmark entrance to the grounds. The dormitory structure and site planning evoke the rhythm, grace, and precision of the renowned Musical Ride and the militaristic marching patterns so integral to the culture of the organization.  

RCMP Fort Dufferin Dorm LEED 2016 Silver Certified