RCMP Cadet Dormitories

Regina, SK
23,022 m2 / 247,806 ft2
ft3 Role
New Build A/LA/ID Prime Consultant

In 2008, the Government of Canada held a national design competition for three new cadet dormitories at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Academy’s Depot Division in Regina, Sask.

The competition asked firms to develop the best possible design solution for the Fort Dufferin dormitory, ensuring it can accommodate seven troops of 32 cadets (as they complete the Academy’s 24-week training program), space for the Academy’s Security and Access Control Centre, and a central reception area for all visitors to the Depot Division. Drawing inspiration from the social and historical context of the institution while ensuring compatibility with the campus' heritage, character, and existing buildings, ft3’s conceptual design emerged as the winning design solution.

Located on Bonner Drive near the Dewdney Avenue entrance to the RCMP Academy, the new Fort Dufferin building operates as a dormitory for RCMP cadets and the gateway to the Academy. We evoked the rhythm, grace, and precision of the renowned Musical Ride and the militaristic marching patterns essential to the organization's culture into the structure and site, imparting the pride, heritage, and significance of an institution whose history reaches back to Canada’s earliest settlements. We also took significant time space planning each dormitory to address issues specific to the RCMP, such as troop inspection, privacy/gender separation, washroom and shower flexibility, circulation, etc. The new Fort Dufferin building also houses offices for security, reception, facilities, and communication departments, including the guardroom, a secure area, an entry point for all visitors to the campus, and a dignitary lounge. As part of the site design, we created a roundabout, a guardhouse (including a gate), and a large plaza, creating a sense of arrival for visitors to the RCMP Academy’s Depot Division.

Our team relied heavily on an Integrated Design Process to incorporate sustainable and energy-efficient interventions into the design, which successfully achieved LEED Silver.

RCMP Fort Dufferin Dorm LEED 2016 Silver Certified