Stonewall Heritage Arts Centre

Stonewall, MB
1,022 m2 / 11,000 ft2
ft3 Role
New Build A/LA/ID Prime Consultant

Out of rubble comes hope. The Town of Stonewall was devastated by a fire that destroyed the visitor centre. The interpretive centre pays homage to this. The simplistic form of the two-storey structure echoes the strength, beauty and elegance of the tyndall stone masses surrounding the site. Clever use of stonework cobble pathways to and from the centre, encouraging visitors to meander and explore. Natural light permeates all parts of the building creating ever changing shadows and reflections on both sides of the glass. Regionally manufactured materials including structural steel and recycled elm wood panel products were utilized, along with materials using recycled content, such as gypsum board, carpet tile and wood flooring. Low VOC products reduce off-gassing and improve indoor air quality. The building was LEED certified in 2015. 

Stonewall Heritage Arts Centre LEED 2015