École Provencher, Schoolyard Refresh

Louis Riel School Division
Winnipeg, MB
ft3 Role
Renovations LA Prime Consultant

Public engagement was a driving force for the École Provencher Schoolyard Redevelopment project. In order to better understand how the schoolyard could be improved, the École Provencher’s Parent Advisory Council (PAC) engaged staff, students, parents and the local community to participate in online and in class surveys. ft3 developed the design to include site enhancements to provide students with a diverse play experience, encouraging both independent and social play along with outdoor learning opportunities. Shrub beds were strategically integrated into the design of the schoolyard to provide bird and insect habitat, teaching moments, a shady play space and to alleviate the drainage issues that were chronically affecting the site. Phase 1 of the project included an outdoor classroom, a zip-line play structure, a pair of saucer swings, rain gardens, a grass soccer field, universally accessible safety surfacing and infrastructure for future plantings.