Cool Gardens

Storefront MB and The Forks, Winnipeg, MB
ft3 Role
New Build / Special Project

Cloud gazing is an essential summertime activity. Taking time to pause, find a patch of grass and stare up at the sky is both restorative and revitalizing to our mental wellness. As clouds slowly move and melt into one another, our imaginations create infinite possibilities of shapes, ideas, thoughts and narratives. Blending the familiar symbols of a cloud and a thought bubble, Keep Your Cool creates an association between these two concepts. In an age of technology and digital communication where the thought bubble or “typing awareness indicator” holds so much weight and unease, Keep Your Cool re-imagines this well-known icon and redefines our association with it – from one of possible anxiety to one of limitless creative potential  

Through the use of large-scale curve stitching, layers of interwoven thread emulate cloud formations and provide a canopy of ethereal shade above the grass – a dedicated spot for cloud gazing. 

Out of the 50 entries submitted to this year's competition, ft3's Keep Your Cool was selected as the 2019 winning entry. 

Making of Keep your Cool by Handcraft Creative

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