Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth

Winnipeg, MB
ft3 Role
Landscape Architect

Located in historic King's Park, the Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth honors the legacy of a Winnipegger and Pulitzer Prize-winning author  in an environment designed for meditation, healing and reflection. The motivation behind the Carol Shields Memorial Labyrinth project transpired through the convergence of three distinct ambitions for the space: a built labyrinth, a meditative garden, and a memorial tribute. This project is about an ordinary community, working together, building a unique space that meanders through native perennials, ornamental shrubs, engraved bricks and boulders. Features include a gathering area with interpretive signage, an engraved quote wall, a healing/meditation garden and paved pathways. Combined, they create a unique, accessible memorial that evokes the author's past while inspiring the walker's future.