Acute Stroke Unit

Winnipeg, MB
1,709 m2 / 18,400 ft2
ft3 Role
Prime Consultant

A new 28-bed acute stroke unit and associated rehabilitation facility is planned at the Health Sciences Centre to serve stroke patients from across Manitoba. At the moment, the province is the only one in Canada without an acute stroke unit. This new, centralized unit will help prevent stroke complications, reduce patient length of stay, and open up care beds for patients with other needs across our health system The 1,709 m2 (18,400 ft2) unit will be located on the fourth and fifth floors in what was previously the Women’s Pavilion at the Health Science Centre.

It is anticipated that 80% of all stroke patients in Winnipeg will be admitted to this new acute stroke unit. The new unit will provide increased access to rehabilitation for stroke patients regardless of severity, improve clinical and functional outcomes for clients and reduce the burden on emergency departments, acute care, rehab, ALC bed days LOS and Home Care. Additional outcomes include reduced risk and rate of post stroke complications and recurrent stroke. The treatment of stroke patients in the WHRA is challenging and complex, with multiple providers and locations involved in the care of patients.

While every effort is made to ensure excellence in stroke care, there are opportunities for better quality, safety, access, and efficiency through enhanced integration and alignment to evidence-based practice. Building enhancements will include a deep refresh and reconfiguration of spaces to accommodate the acute stoke unit program. One significant improvement will be washroom upgrades. Modifications to 14 existing patient washrooms, one UTR and two shower rooms will facilitate full accessibility for patients. Additional upgrades include heating, ventilation, lighting, asbestos removal, an upgraded nurse call system, new sprinklers and new elevators.