St Boniface Hospital, Emergency Department

Winnipeg Regional Health Authority
Winnipeg, MB
1,765 m2 / 19,000 ft2
ft3 Role
Renovations A/ID Prime Consultant

Phase One of a multi-phased, full-scale redevelopment of the St Boniface Hospital Emergency Department focused on the redevelopment of the ambulatory care clinic to expand the dramatically undersized ED. The short-term critical goal was to add additional treatment beds and support spaces within a tight schedule. This was in response to a substantial ED shift throughout the city. As a result, three new patient intake triage rooms were added to filter the movement and flow of patients through the system. A mental health unit, new resuscitation room, satellite EKG and phlebotomy sites were added to further enhance this flow.  

Phase One focuses on the redevelopment of the Ambulatory Care Clinic, expanding the capacity of the Emergency Department by 464 m2 (5,000 ft2) and renovating approximately 1,300 m2 (14,000 ft2) of the existing Emergency Department. Standards for health care design such as CSA Z8000-11 and infection control were adhered to.

ft3 implemented a four-step Master Plan process and utilized the expertise of emergency healthcare consultants Huddy HealthCare to develop a state-of-the-art facility. The existing department included mental health rooms in the main path of travel between triage and treatment. As part of the redevelopment, a dedicated mental health observational area was created outside of the main fl ow of patients, suitable for patient observation