Grace Hospital Emergency Department

Winnipeg, MB
3,716 m2 / 40,000 ft2
ft3 Role
Prime Consultant

The path represents order in an often complicated, overwhelming and hectic place. Carefully considered design brings calmness to a space and in this case helps point the focus on a patient-centric world. 

Patients are comforted when entering an environment that is welcoming, logically planned and interspersed with restful seating alcoves that are made familiar with signage and landmarks. Organized and ordered progression, thoughtful flow of process, refuge and rest spots, repetition of symbols via colours, textures, repetitive and recognizable architectural details help relieve anxious patients and their families. Design that is user intuitive reduces stress for all.  

The new ED will be a landmark in the community and a safe-haven for the residents of the region, bringing together disparate components of the campus in a unified approach. 

Grace Hospital 3 Green Globes Logo