Dauphin Regional Health Centre, Emergency Department

Dauphin, MB
1,246 m2 / 13,411 ft2
ft3 Role
New Build A/LA/ID Prime Consultant

Patient-centred design and Lean healthcare concepts inform the design of the ED and SCU interior. Glazing at med rooms and exam rooms keep patients visible from work zones. Standardized exam rooms allow for a streamlined patient flow process as there is no need to wait for a specialized room. The layout of the unit itself mimics an ICU environment with exam, observation, and trauma rooms fanned around the central nurses' desk. The design responds to the need for a welcoming, accessible, and operationally efficient facility. 

The new Emergency Department was awarded a rating of Three Globes under the Green Globes New Construction v2 Certification building performance assessment certification process on Nov. 24, 2020.

Dauphin Regional Health Centre 3 Green Globes logo