Chantal Alary





Principal, Landscape Architect

ft3 Project Highlight:

St. Boniface New Emergency Department 

An interest in the built and natural environment has always flowed through Chantal Alary, who grew up as Franco-Manitoban in Winnipeg, Man. Whether it came from the classroom, learning about the land and culture from her Metis teachers, or alone, outside in nature to discover how it reconciles itself with human activity.

As she completed her Bachelor of Environmental Design at the University of Manitoba, this mentality inspired her to continue studying landscape architecture. She graduated with a master’s degree, honing her skills in investigating solutions and uncovering new possibilities around the built and natural environment.

Through her project work at ft3, she has contributed to transforming public and private spaces into destinations of joy and comfort, welcoming the evolution of the design through seasonal and cultural growth. She enjoys advocating for the design and development of public spaces that respond to community needs, such as inclusivity, diversity and accessibility. She’s also keen to discuss the criticalness of green infrastructure in cities and towns and how it shapes healthier and stronger communities. Designing for Health and Wellness has helped Chantal explore these ideas and themes in actualization through a patient-first integrated design approach.