Rebecca Henderson





Marketing Coordinator

ft3 Project Highlight:

BDO Office

Since Rebecca Henderson was a child, she enjoyed storytelling through writing, performing, and playing. Her imagination flourished under her creative pursuits such as attending the Manitoba Theatre for Young People, taking advanced English and Creative Writing courses in school and college, and making performing and publishing her work an extracurricular activity in adulthood.

After graduating with a degree in Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications from the University of Manitoba and a diploma in Creative Communications from Red River College, Rebecca worked in other industries before settling comfortably in design and architecture. After spending five years at another local design firm, she joined ft3 as the marketing coordinator in 2022. 

Rebecca enjoys ft3’s collaborative environment and staff who support her marketing activities. She enjoys being able to take part in projects from a marketing angle, including filming and directing a short documentary on ft3’s winter installation, A Frozen Ripple in Time, earning Rebecca and another staff member the People’s Choice Award at the 2023 ArchiShorts’ Short Film Competition.