Allison Shevernoha



NCIDQ Certificate No. 35321


Professional Interior Designer

ft3 Project Highlight:

BDO Office

Even though Allison Shevernoha wasn’t aware of it, she had already started experimenting with space planning by the time she turned 13 years old. One Friday night, she recalls laying out a homeless shelter, organizing her imaginary building into micro apartment suites with a bed and a one-burner stove, likening it to a complex puzzle she wanted to solve.

Allison eventually pursued a Bachelor of Interior Design from the University of Manitoba. She joined ft3 as a professional interior designer, contributing to the firm’s Health and Wellness and Corporate Office projects. While Allison subscribes to the concept of Activity-Based workspaces, which provide various accommodations for different tasks in an office setting, she’s also aware that more design and research must be done to address the limitations typical office design imposes on those who are neurodiverse.

With proficiency in 3D renderings and image boards, Allison enjoys presenting clients with “big picture ideas." She finds this aspect of the design process incredibly rewarding, taking great pride in eliciting excitement from the client when they can successfully envision the possibilities within their space.