Leah Schmidt



NCIDQ Certificate No. 38426


Professional Interior Designer

ft3 Project Highlight:

ft3's Office

For Leah Schmidt, inspiration takes many forms. From seeing the architecture in Europe, the Middle East and Asia to discussing design concepts with peers and colleagues, Leah searches for insight and creativity everywhere to propel her career forward.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Man., Leah knew she wanted to work in a creative profession. She completed the University of Manitoba’s Bachelor of Environmental Design, focusing on interior environments, before acquiring her Master of Interior Design. In school, she found satisfaction in the challenges and opportunities behind designing spaces where people live, work and play.

Since joining ft3 as a professional interior designer, Leah has taken advantage of the firm’s collaborative and team-oriented environment, coveting notes and lessons from senior designers and expanding her knowledge of design styles and trends. She looks forward to seeing how interior design evolves, especially alongside artificial intelligence, to design more inclusive spaces while reducing the consumption of the Earth’s resources.