Patty Sadowski




Accounting Manager

ft3 Project Highlight:

BDO Manitoba

As ft3’s accounting manager, Patty Sadowski doesn’t just have a way with numbers—she also speaks three languages: English, German, and French. Patty’s parents were German immigrants who came to Montreal, Que., where she spent nearly the first three decades of her life in the province.

With strength and interest in numbers, Patty received her certificate in Finance from the Champlain Regional College in St. Lambert, Que. Even though she didn’t actively pursue a career in the design and architecture industry, it indeed found her.

Patty is a welcomed source of information on the firm’s internal operations and policies. Her helpful and knowledgeable disposition ensures new and current staff feel empowered and invested in their future at ft3. Of course, Patty finds this aspect of her job easy, citing the culture and people who continually make it a great place to work.