Jessica Westervelt






ft3 Project Highlight:

Elkhorn Resort & Spa Expansion

Jessica Westervelt’s pursuit of architecture initially began as a marriage between her two favourite subjects: math and art. However, once immersed in the University of Manitoba’s Bachelor of Environmental Design and then the Master of Architecture program, her ideas about design evolved from the creative and technical to high-level discussions around connecting with people and positively impacting their lives.

Starting at ft3 as an architectural intern, Jessica became a fully registered architect through the Manitoba Association of Architects in 2022. She has developed her expertise across the firm’s Health and Wellness and Multi-family Housing areas, relishing the opportunity to reach a wide range of people and contribute to improving their experiences while helping address their unique and sometimes challenging circumstances through design.

A common theme within her professional and personal life is reducing her environmental impact, and she appreciates that ft3 approaches project work similarly. Jessica wants to continue enhancing her knowledge of environmentally conscious design concepts, technologies, and techniques, like the Passive House Certification, and incorporate those principles and insights into the firm’s project work.