Robby Ader





Associate, Architect

ft3 Project Highlight:

300 Assiniboine 

Born and raised in Argentina, Robby Ader received his Bachelor of Arts and Master of Architecture from the prestigious University of Buenos Aires. While studying, Robby prioritized using creative and innovative design solutions, including technology, to increase sustainable and adaptive design and enhance the versatility of energy and material usage.

Before ft3, Robby was the principal of his architectural firm in Buenos Aires and an architectural technologist at GBR Architects in Winnipeg. He finds inspiration in architectural movements like Rationalism, which uses evidence, analysis, deduction, and verification to design buildings. To Robby, these moments shape our experience and outlook on the built environment.

Robby is a meticulous designer with responsibilities that span design, working drawings preparation, and team and consultant coordination. He specializes in the firm's Multi-Family Housing practice area but has also participated in projects across Health and Wellness and Corporate Office. His notable projects with ft3 include The Strand at 300 Waterfront Dr. and the high-rise residential building at 300 Assiniboine Ave.