ft3 Architecture Interior Landscape Design is proud to announce the firm’s newest partner, Adam Dubyna, architect, acknowledging his significant contributions ft3 and ongoing commitment to the architectural profession.

Adam acquired his Bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Manitoba and Master of Architecture from the University of California, where he played an instrumental role in the fabrication of the award-winning installation La Cage Aux Folles for the Materials and Applications Gallery in Los Angeles, Calif.

“Adam is a big guy with big ideas. We find that compelling, and we are hungry for more. We look forward to continuing building a loyal, connected, and effective team at ft3 with Adam,” says Jerald Peters, senior partner and architect.

Since joining ft3 in 2018, Adam has helped strengthen the firm’s practice areas: Health and Wellness, Multi-Family Housing and Corporate Office, while continuing to drive the firm’s innovation and creativity through design competitions and local installations.

So, without further ado, let’s talk to ft3’s newest partner Adam about what it means to be a leader at the firm:


1. Why did you want to become a partner at ft3?

ft3 is a diverse, supportive, and dynamic environment that fosters creativity, pushing for the best in each person and each project.

The firm’s design practice is rooted in people and how design can help improve the moods or experiences of those who use the space, and I want to be a part of making that happen.


2. What do you hope to achieve in this new position?

I want to work with our clients to create beautiful, impactful designs that elevate the experience for those using the building, exploring the neighbourhood or immersing themselves in the environment.

As a born and raised Winnipegger, I strongly desire to create positive change in our city. I want to contribute to developing a livable, urban, and dense environment that fosters a diversity of spaces and uses while combating climate change and creating moments of awe and beauty.


3. Where do you see the firm in 10 years?

  • Leading change for the better in our community.
  • Working with our clients to create buildings and spaces that positively impact the lives of those using them.
  • Continue making a mark on our skyline with buildings of beauty and elegance that thoughtfully integrate into their surrounding context, and work to combat the climate crisis.