Matthew Dakin-Sas





Architectural Technologist

ft3 Project Highlight:

St. James Kiwanis

Matthew Dakin-Sas recalls his fascination with an interior design renovation that his family performed on their main floor as a child. He enjoyed watching as each piece came together and would listen intently as the designer discussed each decision with his parents. However, working in the architecture industry would come later for Matt. Instead, he would spend 18 years in the military’s Air Force operations.

Wanting a shake-up and the opportunity to pursue his passion for design and technology, Matthew completed Red River College’s Architectural Technology program, acquiring his diploma and a gold medal with honors for his excellence in the program. He joined ft3 shortly afterward as an architectural technologist, honing his expertise in BIM, specifically Revit, model coordination between consultants, and model set-up and organization.

Matthew finds inspiration through designs that are inclusive, accessible, and environmentally responsible, directly impacting those in need. He views the profession of architectural technology as a required resource in helping to ensure designs work together to create the team's vision through the proliferation of technology. His interests include architectural detailing and envelope building design, virtual reality, generative design, drone operations, and advanced 3D measuring techniques.