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  • Salem Home Master Plan. Site Plan.
  • Salem Home Master Plan. Site Plan.

Salem Home

Master Plan

165-15th Street, Winkler, Manitoba

The Physical Model

In an integrated whole system care model the building is organized around care units with residents forming small communitites. Similar to a village, it has distinct neighborhoods that are created to fit the needs of the residents. These neighborhoods might be distinguished by different care provisions, types of social interaction, or amenities. Services such as a coffee bar, shopping, and hair/beauty salon provide a village centre or 'downtown' and, similar to village, could also attract people from outside. A layered approach with a different group on each floor, depending on needs and level of care could be utilized. For example the long term care could be located on the lower levels, assisted living above and independent living on the penthouse floors.

Salem Home Growing to 2020

Salem Home is a leader in Canada in providing long term care with its implementation relationship centered care and measurement program QUIS-EH-O (Quality of Interaction Schedule — Environmental Health — Organizational Health). Currently Salem home is working on decentralizing some of the central facilities in order to create 'neighborhoods' (communities of up to 20 residents, as described above) enabling the residents to build meaningful relationships, engage in activities, and have autonomy in decision-making.

The Salem Home would like to serve more residents in five distinct areas:

The continuation of creating neighborhoods will assist in being able to provide relationship centered care. Smaller projects such as dining room additions will help transform the existing facility. However to grow overall capacity it is necessary to add new wings or neighborhoods. Also, in order to retain parking and green space, it would make sense to go higher and to stack additions on top of the existing building. This is especially true on the south side, away from residential neighbours, while taking advantage of the orientation.

What Salem Could Look Like

Salem Home with a memory care neighborhood added above cottonwood; a coffee shop and 'downtown' facilities to the south of the young residents building; and PCH and/or transitional care on the second and third floor.

The Kitchen area (in dark blue) can easily be expanded next to its current location. The infrastructure is already in place in that area (separate driveway, loading dock and utilities).

Also, the newly acquired residential lots could have the 'spouse house' (in red), which would be close to the Home, but with its own entrance.


Relationship-centered Approaches to LTC Delivery