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  • RCMP Student Dorm. Exterior of dorm and lawn.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. Exterior of dorm as seen from circular driveway.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. Exterior of dorm and front pedestrian paving.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. Exterior of dorm and traffic booth as seen from main road.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. Exterior of dorm.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. Exterior of dorm side view with mature trees, sidewalk and street.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. Exterior of dorm.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. Exterior of dorm showing pavement with maple leaf.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. Atrium looking up staircase to second floor.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. Close up of staircase treads and risers at the second floor level.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. Central staircase leading down to the main floor.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. Detail of central staircase treads and risers.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. Main staircase and central atrium.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. Main staircase, central atrium, and wood wall treatment.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. Student lounge with soft armchairs.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. looking down main staircase to main floor entrance.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. View into row of individual dorm rooms.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. View down corridor with row of individual dorm rooms on right.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. Spacious student lounge area.
  • RCMP Student Dorm. Third floor lounge with a view through glass wall into atrium.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Fort Dufferin, Fort Mcleod, and Fort Walsh Student Dormitories and Campus Entry

11th Avenue, Regina, Saskatchewan
Photographs by Leif Norman (leifnorman.net)

The RCMP has a long rich history at the Regina Academy (The Depot) dating back to 1882 at which time it was originally established as the headquarters for the Northwest Mounted Police. In 2007, the Government of Canada (GoC) acknowledged that the RCMP's demographics and growth projections have combined to create a situation whereby an increased number of new cadets are required annually to allow the force to fulfill its policing mandate. The GoC thus made a commitment to refurbish and expand The Depot to ensure approximately 7,000 new police officers can be put 'on the street' over the next five plus years.

A national competition was unveiled at which ft3's No Where Near Ordinary submission claimed first place and the award to further design, develop and deliver the three new student dormitories for The Depot, each to accommodate 224 cadets. The first building is designed to achieve LEED Silver NC.

Fort Dufferin and Fort Macleod were completed in 2012. Fort Walsh was completed in 2014.


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