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  • Winkler Library. Front view of library from across the street.
  • Winkler Library. The library as seen from the side.
  • Winkler Library. The book return desk with book stacks in the background.
  • Winkler Library. Soft seating in a front window alcove.

City of Winkler

Winkler Centennial Library

160 Main Street, Winkler, Manitoba

A 1,160 sq.m. (12,490 sq.ft.) public library. The building has a direct relation with the civic building across the street (and its former home). The library is an energy-efficient building featuring a geothermal heating and cooling system. Design highlights include playful roof lines, reading alcoves with views to nature, and maximization of natural light through use of clerestory windows.

The project was completed in 2006.